Serving Greenville, SC and the Upstate

My goal is to provide cost-effective, excellent service to people who need stumps and roots removed. My stump grinder can go almost anywhere. Because it is lightweight, it leaves no footprint behind and spares surrounding plants.

I used to work as an engineer for large companies where my contribution was only a small part of the whole. Now I am the CEO of my own company, and results are due to my personal efforts. It is very satisfying to do a great job for someone. Stumps and roots are typically eyesores and cause trouble. I can grind out just about any stump or root combination.

Alpine Stump Grinding specializes in hilly terrain, terraces and other inaccessible areas. Some stumps can simply be ground down a few inches below the surface so grass can grow back over. Other stumps must be ground out completely or the tree will grow back again. In some cases a stump must be ground out deeply so other things can be planted in its place. The effort and cost for each situation varies based on several factors: the hardness of the wood, the depth and density of the roots beneath the surface, any regrading of the area near the stump which may uncover subsurface roots.

I price work based on customer requirements for the job. My cost estimates are offered onsite and free of charge. I strive to be competitive and fair. It is my goal to offer great value. Call 864.380.6753 or email